Root Canal Therapy in Chaparral, AB

Are you searching for root canal therapy in Sundance? Root canal therapy can save seriously infected and decayed teeth from unnecessary extraction. A root canal involves the painless removal of infected material, cleaning the interior of the tooth, and sealing your tooth to prevent further infection. Root canal therapy does not cause pain. It eliminates pain. At Chaparral Dental Wellness, we provide treatments and services to help detect and prevent from oral issues. Contact our dental clinic to find out more about root canal therapy near you!

root canal therapy in Chaparral

Root Canal Therapy Near You

Despite its outdated but persistent reputation, root canal therapy in Calgary, AB is not painful. The truth is that root canal eliminates the extreme pain that patients suffer while living with a badly infected and decayed tooth. The extraction of the infected material ,while the tooth and gums are anesthetized instantly, relieves the pressure, inflammation, and pain you’ve suffered.

Many people who would benefit from root canal therapy do not experience any symptoms. That supports the importance of regular dental checkups when your dentist will watch for and be able to respond quickly to early signs of tooth decay and infection. Symptoms that are present, however, indicate the presence of serious infection. They are a pimple-like bump on your gums that persists and re-occurs; swelling and tenderness in the gums; severe tooth pain, especially (but not only) while chewing; persistent sensitivity to both hot and cold temperatures; and discolouration in the affected tooth.

Some understanding of root canal therapy in Calgary, AB may help dispel some of the myths about it. Root canal therapy near you begins with your dentist opening your tooth, then extracting the infected material — called the pulp — from inside your tooth. We then clean the inside of your tooth to ensure all infection material is removed, then seal the tooth against re-infection. The entire process takes place while your gums and tooth are completely numbed so you feel no pain. Before leaving the office, we’ll provide you with detailed after-care instructions for your recovery period to ensure your blood clot is preserved, and that your recovery is quick and complete. Later, once your tooth and gums have healed fully, we will select, and design a permanent restoration to cap your infection-free tooth.

Two Key Points About Root Canal Therapy

The following are important key points to take note of before considering root canal therapy in Sundance:

  • Root canal therapy near you is painless. Even better than that, it quickly eliminates the pain associated with serious tooth infections.
  • Soreness that you experience while recovering from root canal therapy in Calgary, AB can be treated with cold compresses, over-the-counter pain medication, and by elevating your head while laying down

If you are interested in receiving root canal therapy in Sundance, contact our dental clinic today to request a consultation. At Chaparral Dental Wellness, we offer root canal therapy near you!