Teeth Whitening in Chaparral, AB

Are you looking for ways to enhance your smile? A quick and effective way to achieve a brighter smile is by receiving teeth whitening in Chaparral. The foods you eat and the beverages you drink can stain your teeth no matter how committed you are to daily hygiene habits. Your dentist can provide teeth whitening solutions to keep your pearly whites much closer to pearly white, and that will provide vastly superior and faster results than DIY options.

teeth whitening in Chaparral

Teeth Whitening Near You

Stains and discolouration that can undermine your smile and render your teeth dull are caused by factors that are within and beyond your control. Staining factors that you can control include strongly coloured foods (curries, for example) and beverages (red wine, tea, coffee, and cola drinks) and exposure to nicotine and tar while smoking. Discolouring factors you can not control include age, medication-related side effects, injury-related trauma, and the lingering effects of serious tooth infections.

Teeth whitening in Calgary, AB uses bleaching compounds that contain carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide to dissolve stains that discolour your teeth. Bleaching compounds used by dentists produce faster and superior results to the grocery store and drugstore DIY options because they contain much stronger concentrations of the active ingredients. Teeth whitening near you performed by a dentist also uses specialized equipment and adjusts the cleaning compounds to the precise stains on your teeth.

Professional teeth whitening comes in two formats. The first option is to have the whitening performed by a dentist in our office. Your whitening compounds will be put over your teeth in a tray, then activated and accelerated by a powerful LED light that can be adjusted to account for any tooth sensitivity. Over the course of a one-hour appointment, that cycle will be repeated four times. Within an hour, your teeth may be lightened by up to eight shades. Alternatively, you can achieve professional teeth whitening results at home. After assessing your teeth and the particular discoloration at issue, we can provide trays containing our bleaching compounds for you to take and use at home.

Key Takeaways About Teeth Whitening in Sundance

The following are key points to take note of before considering teeth whitening near you:

  • Teeth whitening near you can not remove discolouration caused by medications, trauma, or infection but we can offer alternative solutions
  • Teeth whitening produces the best results when applied to yellowish teeth. Teeth whitening can be ineffective when applied to gray teeth, and only moderately effective when applied to browned teeth.

If you are interested in receiving teeth whitening near you, contact our dental clinic today to determine if you are the right candidate. At Chaparral Dental Wellness, we offer teeth whitening in Sundance so you can smile with confidence!