Single Visit Dental Crowns and Bridges in Chaparral, AB

Are you searching for dental bridges in Chaparral? There are key differences between dental bridges and dental crowns in Sundance. Getting crowns to protect weakened teeth or bridges to fill gaps left by missing teeth does not have to take multiple appointments separated by several weeks. We can provide custom-built bridges and crowns in a single appointment using digital imaging and computer aided design (CAD).

dental bridges and crowns in Chaparral

Single Visit Dental Crowns and Bridges Near You

Crowns are a good alternative to large fillings when a large amount of tooth structure has been lost. When a tooth is so weak that there is a significant risk of fracture, a crown can provide essential support. They’re also versatile enough to cover a misshapen or discoloured tooth, to cover dental implants, and to cap a tooth after root canal therapy.

When you lose teeth but the gap left behind remains unfilled, your remaining teeth gradually shift or rotate to fill that empty space. This unnatural relocation causes problems in your jaw and misalignment of your teeth and bite. Bridges anchored to healthy teeth on each side of the gap can fill that space with replacement teeth that are referred to as pontics.

Versatile and important as crowns and bridges are, they have traditionally had one significant disadvantage. They take at least two appointments to plan, prepare for, manufacture, and fit. The gap between the appointments can be several weeks long while the crown or bridge is being manufactured off-site, during which time you may be wearing a temporary crown restoration.

The delays related to traditional crowns and bridges have been eliminated. We can provide single visit dental crowns and bridges in Calgary, AB with the CEREC — CERamic REConstruction — system. We use the CEREC system to plan, build, and provide custom-designed ceramic crowns and bridges in a single appointment. This is possible thanks to our use of three dimensional digital images and CAD. The ceramic material from which crowns and bridges are milled is resistant to plaque, non-abrasive, and blends naturally with your remaining healthy teeth.

Two Key Takeaways About Single Visit Dental Crowns and Bridges

The following are key points to consider before receiving dental bridges in Sundance:

  • Single-visit dental crowns and bridges near you can preserve a weak tooth or put the essential finishing and protective touch on root canal therapy.
  • The ceramic material used to build and provide single visit dental crowns and bridges in one appointment is plaque-resistant and blends naturally with your teeth and gums.

If you are interested in receiving dental bridges near you, contact our dental clinic today to determine if you are the right candidate for this treatment. At Chaparral Dental Wellness, we offer dental bridges and crowns near you.