Dental Checkups in Chaparral, AB

Are you searching for dental checkups in Sundance? The combination of daily oral hygiene — brushing and flossing — and regular dental checkups every six months is the key to optimal dental health. Beyond even the health of your mouth, teeth, and gums, regular dental checkups can improve and sustain your good general health by responding to infections, headaches, sleep problems, and nutrition issues. If you are interested in receiving dental checkups near you, contact us today to request an appointment! At Chaparral Dental Wellness, we are happy to provide dental checkups in Sundance.

dental checkups in Chaparral

Dental Checkups Near You

Twice annual dental checkups in Calgary, AB are made up of three important components. First, we will thoroughly clean your mouth, gums, and teeth. The purpose of this is two-fold: your dentist will have a clear look at your teeth and their actual condition; and these cleanings will reduce the risk of tooth decay between your annual deep cleanings. This cleaning part of regular dental checkups near you will include: removing plaque and tartar, flossing, polishing, and treatment with fluoride. We may also apply a specialized dental hygiene therapy if you have been diagnosed with gum disease. This specialized therapy will help your gums connect or reconnect strongly to your teeth.y superior and faster results than DIY options.

A careful examination of your teeth, gums, and bite forms the second part of your regular dental checkup. In addition to those examinations, your dentist will carefully examine and scan your tongue and the inside of your mouth for any indications of possible oral cancer. What is the goal of these examinations? The goal is to identify and respond — before any significant problems arise — to dental issues ranging from cavities and cracks to damaged fillings, gum disease, potentially impacted wisdom teeth, alignment issues, and signs of oral cancer.

Each dental checkup near you scheduled at our office also includes an opportunity to discuss any symptoms you’ve been experiencing in your mouth, jaw, neck, or head. It’s also an opportunity to learn how to be proactive in maintaining your dental health, to refresh your knowledge of oral hygiene techniques, and to develop treatment plans to respond to any emerging dental concerns.

Three Key Points About Dental Checkups

  • You should attend a dental checkup in Calgary, AB every six months, and have your teeth professionally cleaned once annually.
  • If you’ve experienced a broken tooth or have unexplained toothaches, extreme and continuous bleeding, a swollen mouth or jaw, or a metallic taste in your mouth, don’t wait for your next dental checkup but contact an emergency dentist.
  • While at regular dental checkups near you, tell your dentist about any facial pain, headaches, sleep disturbances, breathing problems while sleeping, and headaches.

To achieve optimum oral health, it is vital to receive bi-annual dental checkups near you. Contact us today to request an appointment! We are always excited to provide dental checkups in Sundance.