TMJ Treatment in Chaparral, AB

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) occurs when the soft joint between your skull and lower jaw becomes inflamed. It presents as pain in the neck, jaw, head, and shoulders your jaw, neck, and shoulders. It is often accompanied by a clicking sound and a reduced range of motion in the jaw. Patients with TMD — sometimes referred to as TMJ — often find it difficult to open their jaw completely without pain.

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tmj treatment in Chaparral

TMJ Treatment Near You

TMJ treatment comes in two stages: intervention via a mouthguard; and re-shaping of the biting surfaces of your teeth. We engage in regular TMD screening by asking patients several questions during regular checkups. Those three questions are: first, do you have a habit of grinding your teeth. Second, have you noticed any clicking sound in your jaw? And, finally, are you experiencing any limited range of motion in your jaw. Screening for early symptoms of TMD allows for early identification of problems before they become serious.

Some patients with TMD symptoms also present with a cluster of symptoms of sleep bruxism, a condition characterized by the clenching of teeth in your sleep. The teeth-related symptoms of sleep bruxism that may overlap with symptoms of TMD include painful and sensitive teeth; loose and chipped teeth; worn down tooth enamel; damaged dental work (loose fillings and crowns); and flattened teeth. Patients also describe headaches akin to earaches that are focused in their temples, fatigue, and difficulty fully opening their jaw.

The first stage of treatment for TMD also addresses symptoms of sleep bruxism. You will be fit with a custom-moulded mouthguard to impose a physical barrier between your teeth to prevent you from grinding them together as you clench your jaw.

In the second stage of TMJ treatment near Calgary, AB is a reshaping of your teeth biting surfaces. That reshaping may combined with ongoing use of the mouthguard, be sufficient to relieve TMD symptoms. Failing that, orthodontics to reposition your teeth or surgery to adjust your jaw may be required.

Key Points About TMJ Treatment

The following are important points to consider before receiving TMJ treatment :

  • Mouthguards purchased online are inappropriate for treating TMD. A custom-formed rigid mouthguard designed for your bite by a dentist is required.
  • TMJ treatment can begin as soon as your dentist is aware of symptoms. Always tell your dentist about symptoms affecting your neck, jaw, face, head, and sleep.

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