Is a Customized Mouthguard Right for You?

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is a customized mouthguard right for you

If you are familiar with mouthguards, then receiving a custom mouthguard from your dental clinic in Chaparral might be something of interest to you.

When to use a mouthguard

You want to guard your face against the brunt force from sudden falls and hits when playing high impact sports. Common sports that require mouthguards include:

• Football
• Hockey
• Boxing
• Wrestling

You might also need to protect your mouth from grinding your teeth together when you sleep. The potential nocturnal injuries you could sustain are from your unconscious self unknowingly sabotaging your dental wellbeing. Something like clenching, an involuntary twitch that could lead to broken teeth, sore gums and pain in your jaw, could use a mouthguard as padding, protecting the teeth from destroying each other as you grind your jaw overnight.

Sleep apnea and snoring are another common reason to use a mouthguard. Sleep apnea is when you temporarily stop breathing while asleep, and oxygen is briefly cut off from the brain.

Sleep apnea can also trigger snoring. That noisy rumbling sound is a set of vibrations in the throat as you relax.

When CPAP isn’t an option, a custom mouthguard can push the jaw forward, keeping the airway open throughout the night.

You can buy a generic mouthguard in a standard size; however, it rarely fits in the mouth properly. A second option is a boil and bite alternative, where you can try to customize the fit yourself by boiling the mouthguard to soften it. After the plastic is pliable, you fit it into your mouth, forming a tighter fit.

Another alternative is finding a dentist near you who customizes mouthguards.

Four reasons customized mouthguards could be the choice for you are:

1. Tailored Fit. Your dentist in Chaparral will take an impression of your teeth and build a mouthguard using your mould as a template. By customizing your mouthpiece, you can ensure you have a snug and proper fit. It doesn’t matter if you wear braces or have crooked teeth; the mouthguard will perfectly fit into each groove.

2. Comfort. The snug fit you can acquire will also contribute significantly to comfort. If you wear a mouthguard for an extended period, comfort alone is a perfect reason for having one personalized. Instead of sliding around or falling out and friction from the plastic, creating cuts on your gums, you can almost forget you are wearing it.

3. Cost-effective. Now, this might surprise you as customized mouthguards are more expensive off the bat. However, they are durable and last much longer than a generic option. Your dentist will create it out of extremely durable, long-lasting thermoplastic using a mould from your mouth and present you with an utterly perfect piece. The craftsmanship and quality that goes into designing this ideal fit will not breakdown, chip apart or become a hazard as quickly as the lesser quality pieces will. Also, check with your dental plan. Many plans include custom mouthguards as part of their coverage.

4. Highest Protection. Mouthguards are intended to protect the face, jaw, lips, gums, and tongue. A custom mouthguard will provide maximum protection. If your face is struck hard or crushed on impact, a properly fitting mouthguard could save you a lot in pain and recovery. Severe injury could occur in these areas, causing long term damage.

Don’t underestimate the importance of this safety addition to playing sports or undervalue the worth of comfort or the price of pinching pennies in the short run. Call us today at Chaparral Dental Wellness to consult on your own customized mouthguard.