15 Facts You Need to Know About Invisalign

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15 facts you need to know about invisalign

Are you looking to straighten your teeth discreetly and comfortably? Allow us to introduce the following: Invisalign.

Invisalign is more than a modern alternative to metal braces. It is a customizable solution to straighten your teeth and boost your self-esteem. This method is known for its versatility, as it can effectively remedy a number of bite problems such as an overbite and crossbite. Invisalign is a popular treatment among teenagers due to its subtleness, but it is this very reason why more and more adults are opting for this service too. 

So, if you’re eager to gather more information about acquiring Invisalign treatment near you, get in touch with our local dental staff at Chaparral Dental Wellness. 

What to Know 

Before you commit to anything, it’s wise to do some research and speak with your dentist or orthodontist to better understand the treatment. Not all dental services are suitable for everyone, and this includes Invisalign. That said, we’ve compiled a detailed list of essential facts about Invisalign that are good to know; they will help you make the best decision for your oral and mental health as well as your wallet.  

     1. Clear and Comfortable

Invisalign aligners are fabricated from smooth and clear dental-grade plastic that fits comfortably over your teeth. No metal brackets or wires means no irritation. Additionally, this plastic is biocompatible, so you will not have to worry about tissue inflammation or other side effects while wearing your trays. 

     2. Custom-Made 

Each set of aligners are carefully custom-made for your teeth using modern 3D imaging technology. This results in a precise and personalized fit. 

     3. They’re Removable

You can take out your trays to clean your teeth, which makes maintaining good oral hygiene effortless, as you won’t have to maneuver your brush and floss around bulky metal. 

     4. Treatment Time

Treatment duration varies between patients, but on average, it takes 12 months to 2 years to achieve your dream smile. Patience and responsibility are what will ensure your treatment results last. 

     5. Predictable 

During your initial consultation with our dentist, you’ll be able to see a virtual finalized image of your future smile. This is achieved using 3D technology. Your dentist will explain the results to you so you know what to expect and will feel confident that this process will – and does – work. 

     6. Switching Aligners

Every 1-2 weeks, you’ll switch out your current set of aligners for a new set. With each new pair, your smile is gently yet continually adjusted into a healthier position over time. 

     7. Versatility

Invisalign corrects crowded teeth, gaps, and bite issues among other issues. Our dentist will closely assess your smile physically and with x-rays to understand the current state of your smile and determine your eligibility. If Invisalign isn’t suitable for you, they will discuss alternative choices that are equally effective. 

     8. Progress Check-Ups

Regular visits to your dentist are like pit stops on your smile journey. During these sessions, your dental team will make sure that everything is on the correct track and will make adjustments to your treatment plan if necessary. The most important aspect of any orthodontic treatment is continual progress. 

     9. No Food Restrictions

You can remove your aligners before meals, meaning you can freely enjoy your food without worry or experiencing discomfort – just make sure to slip them back in afterward. This makes it easy to maintain a normal diet and maintain your oral hygiene routine without hassle.

     10. Fewer Visit to the Dentist 

Unlike with traditional braces, patients who’ve acquired Invisalign don’t need to come in for as many check-ins with their dentist, which is great for busy schedules.

     11. Boosts Your Confidence

One of the biggest advantages of this orthodontic option is its “invisibility”. You can smile, talk, and laugh while wearing your aligners and no one will notice since the dental plastic is virtually see-through. 

     12. Must Keep Your Aligners Clean

Bacteria and food can amalgamate on your trays just like your teeth and along your gums. Between meals or after you drink something other than water, be sure to gently brush them with a soft-bristled brush (so they don’t get scratched) and rinse them with lukewarm water. 

     13. Understand the Costs / Your Dental Coverage

The costs for orthodontic care varies, so always check with your Chaparral dentist before having your smile treated. Additionally, some dental plans may cover part of the expense, but others may not; reach out to your insurance provider for more information. 

     14. Post-Treatment Care Matters 

After your treatment, your dentist will most likely recommend retainers to keep your new smile looking great. Wearing your retainers is essential; otherwise, your teeth may revert back to their original position. 

     15. Makes Patients Happy

Happiness is not something that should be brushed aside. If you’re discussing a dental treatment with your dental care provider and you’re not feeling eager to get started or anticipating your results, you may need to take a step back and evaluate what you’re looking for. Fortunately, Invisalign has helped many, many patients of all ages refine their smiles. To ensure you’re left with optimal results, follow your dentist’s advice and attend routine appointments. If you experience any sort of dental emergency, contact our dentist in Chaparral so they can address it right away and make sure it doesn’t impact your journey. 

Transform Your Smile with Us

So, are you interested in finding out what Invisalign can do for you? Reach out to our wonderful team at Chaparral Dental Wellness today! It’s never, ever too late to begin working towards the smile you truly deserve. Call, email, or drop by our location to schedule a one-on-one consultation. 

We are excited to see you!